ATNF Online Proposal Applications & Links

Welcome to OPAL, the Australia Telescope National Facility online proposal system.

The ATNF is currently accepting proposals for the 2022OCTS:

Proposals will be considered for time on telescopes between 01 October 2022 and 31 March 2023

For the latest information on all ATNF facilities see the current status of the ATNF telescopes.

The deadline for proposals is 17:00 15 June 2022 AEST equivalent to 07:00 15 June 2022 UTC

Time remaining: (Approx.)

Using OPAL is a four step process: prepare; preview; submit; and review

To submit and view your proposals, you must have a registered OPAL account.

OPAL proposals generally require three components:

  1. A cover sheet created with the cover sheet editor.
  2. An observations table created with the observations table editor.
  3. A scientific justification in PDF format (<10 megabytes and not more than three pages in total — see the science case requirements) created by any tool you wish to use. This is not required for projects that have pre-graded project status.

See the full information on ATNF Telescope Applications.

In particular please read the web information on the current status of the ATNF telescopes.

OPAL supports most current web browsers. More about OPAL.

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